Richland International Hospital
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  • AddressInside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68336910
  • HoursWednesday-Monday: 8pm till late
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DT Bar • Inside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan


Local dive bar (used to be Laowo Bar) with large stage located across from the Yunnan Art Institute front gate - popular with Kunming's art student scene.



Totally sucks ! We paid 30 yuan to see drunk punk kids fighting on halloween night like it was in some ktv, no prises for costumes or anythtng, i just got very bad vibes from everything strongly not reccomend


To be fair, this is just my type of bar: live music, nicely priced drinks in a divey setting. Normally I would give 4 stars, but Sunday afternoons on the back patio are simply too good not to give a top rating.


Halloween party - why you guys didn't keep the promise and didn't get away some prizes for masks?

Don't addvertise it on leaflet is not fair...!

Otherwise I like the atmosphere, cheap drinks and entertaining bands! I will come for beer again! ;-)


Pro: Love the squatty feeling, the fireplace in the back. Contra: A wider selection of beers wouldn't hurt. Sound systems (half) breaking down during the (pricy) concerts are a no-no.

All in all a place I very much like to go to


It would be nice if you guys can sort out some doors for the bathrooms. And refill those empty liquor bottles, a few mix drinks on the menu would be great and shouldn't be that hard for a bar. Great backyard but maybe with less holes on the floor cause people might be drunk at your bar and need a safer walking surface!
Good potential,work on things and bring it out!
Good luck!