Tenwest Mandarin School
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  • AddressInside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68336910
  • HoursWednesday-Monday: 8pm till late
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DT Bar • Inside Laowo Xiaochi, Yunyi Xiang, across from Mayuan Xiaoxue, Mayuan


Local dive bar (used to be Laowo Bar) with large stage located across from the Yunnan Art Institute front gate - popular with Kunming's art student scene.



My favourite bar. Great memories of sunny afternoon. Let's hope it doesn't disappear.


My favorite venue in town hands down. Nice big open place, courtyard, big stage, cheap drinks. Sunday afternoons here are my favorite, BBQ and live music. Highly recommend for Sunday afternoons and shows.


Last great outdoor venue. This Sunday Feb 3 there will be live music, food, drink and Sunshine. Last Sunday before Chinese New Year (and Puddles Dan's birthday). Not to be missed


(Note: I restrict 5 stars to events producing world-changing ecstasy). The terrace in the back is a great place to be on Sunday after about 4PM, weather permitting. Reasons: friends, owners, crowd (including kids), laid-back atmosphere, conversations, music, food, beer.


Totally awesome! We paid 30 yuan to see drunk punk kids fighting on halloween night like it was in some ktv, no prises for costumes or anythtng!