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  • NameMetro Supermarket
  • Address1079 Beijing Lu North Extension, Beichen, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65838888
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Metro Supermarket • 1079 Beijing Lu North Extension, Beichen


Large German supermarket carrying furniture, appliances and a wide selection of imported food and drinks.



Good range of products, probably the best for foreign products in Kunming. The place is aimed at businesses, its not a traditional supermarket although it appears it wants to be. As a result, like all the warehouse type supermarkets in the world, the aisles are often blocked by a forklift. However I appreciate that they do this safely and the forklift drivers also appear to be TRAINED (i.e. dropping the forks to ground level when moving around, being very accurate etc).

There are complaints though.

They are incredibly useless at judging when to open a new cashier. At the busiest times they have 3 cashiers working and lines snake down the aisles. Then at the slowest times (in the middle of the day) they end up with twice as many as they need. Management is clearly lacking.

And the last few times I have gone, I have parked my bike and been charged 1 kuai for doing so. This is clearly a laowai price as the security people have told the woman right next to me that the price is 5 jiao. Upon remembering there was a sign at the start of the bicycle park I went and read it and noticed the sign that clearly said 自行车 - 5 . After a few questions of "Ni pian wo ma?" and threatening to rip in half a 1 kuai note to give them 5 jiao, they relented. A few "Ni men shi pian zi" later and them looking embarrassed, hopefully it won't happen again. I aren't interested in the money amount obviously but the principle of it annoys the hell out of me. Assholes.