Richland International Hospital
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  • AddressCang Mountain, 100 meters uphill from Zhonghe Temple, Dali
  • Phone(0872) 2661599
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Higherland Inn • Cang Mountain, 100 meters uphill from Zhonghe Temple


Mountain guesthouse with spartan accommodations, comfortable courtyard, shared showers with 24-hour hot water, restaurant/cafe plus access to a trail head that leads to the top of the Cangshan range and helpful hiking maps



The rooms are far from luxurious, but that's not the point. Great air, great views, great trail access and manager A Niu is as friendly as they come. The perfect antidote to the city.


I agree entirely with prd34. I stayed there for one night only, and that was enough. The rooms are very damp and cold. Furthermore the quality of food they serve can be improved. Really nothing special. The staff was helpful and friendly but we could not get a smile off the owner's face.


I know what you said,the hostel near the lake is named "Dali Ming Tong youth hostel",wich is just in a idyllic villige named Cai Cun.


I was disappointed with this place mainly due to the fact that I have a mold allergy and the rooms there were pretty musty smelling - and the fact that I was looking forward to staying there. We turned around and went back down the mountain and stayed at a nice little Youth Hostel near the lake instead.