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  • NameHaobao Organic Farm
  • AddressHaobaoqing, Kunming
  • Phone18206761250(English),4008909666(Chinese)
  • FAX(0871) 3190277
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Haobao Organic Farm • Haobaoqing

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The food has improved lately, a little bit lighter on oil and with some more spices.

But it's also important to take charge of the ordering process. When we rode our bikes there recently we ordered brussels sprouts (包子橄榄) and asked them to add a little sichuan pepper-infused oil. It was delicious.

Another good dish is liangban tonghao (茼蒿), which is very spicy because of all the xiaomila. You can also cajole the staff into adding raw tomatoes and carrots, even thought they might warn you that it wont taste good. They're wrong.

They also have organic pork and last time we went they had slaughtered a pig the previous day: also very tasty.


We went to Haobao and we wanted to stay 2 nights.

They have rooms in the main building and some grass roof cabins, looking like Hobbit houses. The cabins were very clean and they even have open fireplaces in there. Unfortunately we couldnt do a fire in there for unknown reason.

The farm is in a small valley and actually much bigger than we expected.

There are many hiking trails around and it is worth exploring them.
If you have dogs and want to go away for one or two days, this is perfect. Many hotels I know dont want to have dogs, but they are welcome at Haobao.

The only point upsetted us a lot was the food. The veggies and all of their meat looks great on the fields, but everything we ordered was only swimming in oil and just spiced with some chillis.

This and the cold weather yesterday made us come back early, but we will absolutely go back there.

A big plus for dog owners without car: They will pick you up wherever you are in Kunming and bring you back home, for a very reasonable price.
And for the food we will try it again. Maybe because of Chinese New Year the chef was not there.

By the way, my dogs would have given it five stars!