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  • NameVintage Café (closed)
  • Address15, 40 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5356899
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Vintage Café (closed) • 15, 40 Wenlin Jie

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Sadly another place 'gone'. It's still there but under new management. There is a completely new menu, all chinese, mainly drinks, with just a few snack items. Gone are all the great sandwiches and salads they used to make. Pity, this place provided a good sometime alternative on Wenlin Jie.


I go vintage cafe so offen that they always ask me"Do you need the menu?" The gentleman nice, the boss lady nice, everyone work there very nice. I got a long relationship with vintage cafe for 12 months, But I want say a little bit advice and I want you to keep it real: I hope no smoking at all time the whole downstairs. Any way if you want to break my heart, I still have the two tables outside the window, but I don't really like people's stare who pass by.


Hi all, this is Steve, the owner of the Book Exchange at Vintage Cafe. I just wanted to let everyone know that the opening hours at the moment are from 3pm-closing time every day as the restaurant is short on staff at the moment. The new manager is trying her best to sort out the staff issues so let her know if there are any problems with the service. The cook is actually the same cook as the previous management, but should you have feedback on the food, feel free to talk with her (in Chinese) or post here (in English) and I can relay the message to her and try to improve things. To rick, the staff changed before the new management, not after. To zhenzhu, I apologize if you did get sick from the food. Let us know specifically what you ordered and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. She really wants to make the cafe the best it can be so constructive criticism/advice is appreciated!


This place was ok by wen lin jie standards. Better food and service than French Cafe, for sure. It changed owners and the staff all left for greener pastures. Who can blame them? It went down hill in every realm. The staff saw the writing on the wall, you should too.


Had a milkshake there that gave me three-day food poisoning. Had to go to the hospital and everything. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM THE DAIRY!