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The Mask (this location closed as of 2017) • 14 Kundu Night Market


Western-style bar in the Kundu nightlife district. Look for the square in the middle of Kundu night market - The Mask is on the edge of it.



Anyone who finds the music in nearby bars to be "nicer" than the Mask's, has basically no musical taste, and I think a charitable organization should be set up to help such people.

I am not big on most bars, including the MASK. But it is one of the best bars in town. Small enough to be cozy, good drinks, friendly staff, actual live music, a good mix of different kinds of people.

It does seem to be an after hours type bar, so don't be surprised to see it empty at 9, only to be brimming from 11-2. Lots of people start at other bars and end up there.


I'm not a big fan of Kundu either, but if you ignore the location, it's just the best bar in town right now.
Alex and Steve do their best to organize different events every week and it's not so easy with the current amount of bands and musicians around, they play a variety of music every week so you can't complain about it, just go there when they do play your type of music, they can't please everyone all the time.


The Mask is easily one of my favourite nightlife places to go out to in Kunming. There's events on a few nights a week featuring different kinds of music, whether played by bands or DJs. The drinks are great value for money and there's generally a good crowd on weekends, Chinese and foreigners alike.

The only complain is that we need more places like the Mask.


Hey everyone. Look at the left sidebar at the top of GK and rarely do you NOT see the Mask having an event of some kind. Taste is taste and you may or may not like whatever events they have, but they ALWAYS give it a shot and they work hard to bring quality entertainment to the KM public...even for those of you who stand outside with your 3 Yuan Dali beers purchased at the little shop next door. Live music is hard to come by in the summer because many local musicians are travelling or touring. Why kill the bar with one or two stars when you can simply walk up to the bartender and ask if they could play something else? The thoughtless flaming of local businesses on gokunming has gotten out of hand. If a place is not to your taste, and all you wasted was the price of one drink and 30 minutes, there is no reason to jump immediately onto your computer to vilify the joint.

Keep up the good work, Mask...