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  • AddressWenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65335889
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Cacaja Indian Restaurant • Wenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery


Indian restaurant offering extensive menu and delivery



Although this is one of my favourite restaurants in Kunming, I find it necessary to warn the management that having a fourth floor extension has taken things one step too far (actually, about 70 steps!).

In my opinion, by extending the business, both the hard working kitchen and waiting staff are unable to maintain the original food quality and level of service.

A recent visit presented us with a luke warm fruit/mutton curry that comprised many pieces of fat and gristle, and a half tandoori chicken that had two legs (?) and not much else -- this dish would satisfy three people last year.


I am always very happy with the food here and the service is excellent. The owner is also quite a nice chap. I love the Curries, the Nan, the Rice Pudding, and the Masala Chai. The restaurant is always very clean and the seating is very comfortable.


Good food. Good ambience. We had the 2 person set meal and mango lassi. Could tone down the spices a little bit; my mouth was on fire.


I have found this place to be excellent in customer service and food.

The manager is always attentive and ensures that you will get the right order.