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  • AddressWenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65335889
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Cacaja Indian Restaurant • Wenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery


Indian restaurant offering extensive menu and delivery



The food is good but of course cannot compare with Ganish. Anyway, nice choice for Indian food in Kunming.


I had the samiosas. They weren't too bad, but I've had much better.

But the main course (beef biryani) wasn't particularly good. It's basically a big bowl of rice with a few pieces of beef mixed in.

I won't be going back to this place.


Never again;

Food arrived late and cold.

Chicken Korma was awful, the 'chicken' had barely any meat on it and was mostly the chewy inedible joints and tendons, some of which still had skin attached. The sauce was also a kind of luminous yellow, which is a first, and i've had many korma's.

Potato and Broccoli came in barely any sauce and was cold.

Our Naan's arrived after we'd finished our main dishes and were dry, floury and bland. They were supposed to be garlic flavored but we couldn't taste any garlic at all, only oil which they'd drizzled over the top.

The waitress tried to take our salad before we'd finished and hissed at us when we told her to leave it.

There was Indian pop music blaring out way too loudly, playing a song which was stuck on repeat. They ignored our request to turn it down.

The icing on the cake though, was that within half an hour of eating there, my girlfriend and i both had to run to the toilet and spent a good part of the rest of the afternoon shatting ourselves.

I miss Ganesh's Indian food, cos this place blows.


This place really swings from excellent food and great service to crap food and worse service.

I have noticed it depends on if the owner is there. At least the best experience was when he was there.

I do like Indian food but am reluctant to go back.


I won't go there again. The yoghurt is tasty and the curries are usually ok (they seem to vary in quality depending on the day and time). What really annoys me is the fact that they can't comprehend that I order dishes to eat TOGETHER... if my curry arrives 30 minutes after all the other dishes it's not really acceptable. Then again, neither is the 1 hour wait for the rest of the food or the incorrect dishes being sent. By the way, why can't I sit on the 3rd floor until both of the other floors are packed full? Has it never occurred to them that I might want a quiet meal and, after all, I am paying for it!