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  • AddressWenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65335889
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Cacaja Indian Restaurant • Wenlin Jie, Wenhua Xiang, #11 Gallery


Indian restaurant offering extensive menu and delivery



Very short, you don't want to eat here.

I love Indian food, but this place is a shame


Not sure what to say about this place.....been there a few dozen times over the last 3 years. Being a person who has never had true indian food, thus not being able to compare it to the real thing, I think it does the trick. Tastes good and has nice sour yogurt and good Masala tea. Also the food works as a laxative if your stopped up, as a trip to the bathroom before you leave is almost inavoidable. It's take a little, give a little I guess.


Yep, not sure what people are thinking about giving this place any credit, the food is quite despicable. The northern indian style isn't anything like food you could ever get in north of india and is quite bland and horrible.

The service, like everyone says, is terrible. Not sure there is anything good I could say about the place... pretty coloured walls? Their lassi didn't make me want to throw up (unlike the rest of the meal), but no detectable yoghurt flavour...


Used to eat here all the time. But seems when the managers are away the staff here collectively decided to do nothing but mill around and look at pictures on their cell phones and giggle like children. While the bulk of the waitresses are doing this the other one or two are running around frantically trying to keep up with orders.

Sat outside recently and watched two girls trying to count 18 little containers of yogurt. I actually got up and counted them to see what the deal was about. Waited and waited. Waited. Four feet from them and finally had to get up and get someone to take my order.

People here praise the curry but it in way comes close to the curry in Indian restaurants I are at in Seattle. Not close. And the service is so slow now and the bathrooms is always closed. "Ting shui" (water stopped) I am told over and over. I can piss at other places on Wen Hua Xiang but never here it seems. For the price I deserve to pee here.

And the food quality has declined. Sometimes cold and the portions are shrinking. Better than the laughable place in Dali, but I miss the old Cacaja. Can't anything half way decent ehre stay that way?


Well, it's not great or anything, but when you do want your Indian fix, this is the place to go. The design is very nice and cozy, and the food, while certainly not cheap, is not too expensive. But one always gets to little rice...