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Camel Bar (defunct) • 310 Jinbi Lu


Western-style bar open late into the night

Officially closed its doors in January 2016 after 21 glorious years. Deng Ling, you will be missed, 嘎!



Crap music and antisocial volume. Tourist trap. Best toilets in KM. I'll be back.


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Still, after so many years, one of the best bars in town. Drinks are extremely reasonably prices compared to similar bars in Kunming, the place is spacious and well laid out and easily one of the best stages for live performances in Kunming.

Had dinner there a few days ago and as always very impressed with the Chinese food.

If the mix drinks would be a bit stronger and ventilation better the venue would easily get 5 stars.

A legend indeed.


not quite sure why beer here is the most expensive in town.. 18 RMB for a Tsingtao...? really? a beer that costs about 2RMB to buy?

aside from the WAY overpriced menu, the entertainment and decor is top notch. They do a lot of work to keep events happening every weekend. It just needs to stop trying to be a high class lounge one might find around green lake and realize it's just a bar. the only western place in town that has entrance fees and then charges beer at what seems to be about a 900% markup.