VPN https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn VPN - GoKunming Forum Mon, 24 Feb 2020 22:52:21 +0800 VPN - Post by lawlz0mg https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11387 anyone know any VPN's that are free? besides hotspot shield, and work with mac?… Tue, 28 Sep 2010 16:10:47 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11387 VPN - Post by Greginchina https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11391 I'm sure there are some that are free and people will come forward with suggestions but from what I've heard they are slow and unreliable.

There are some really good deals out there. My current…
Tue, 28 Sep 2010 17:49:01 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11391
VPN - Post by DaMiao https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11394 Using ACEVPN at the moment.$5/month.works well.… Tue, 28 Sep 2010 19:54:24 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11394 VPN - Post by HenryBenjy https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11440 Freegate


Doesn't work for me because I have a mac, but it might work for you.…
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 02:14:38 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-11440
VPN - Post by johnnyfreud786 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23446 I use bestvpn connection for my home base work they have more than 7000 internet protocol address and 160 servers. If you have vpn connection on large no. of server than you don't need to… Sun, 29 Jan 2012 02:49:09 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23446 VPN - Post by AlPage48 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23447 Stay away from anything that's "free". There's always a cost, even if you can't see it.

Witopia works with MAC, Windows, iPhone, etc.…
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VPN - Post by bucko https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23449 I have been with Witopia for 6 years. But noe I am also shopping for another VPN. Witopia support is good, but now China has their number so to speak. The service is on and… Sun, 29 Jan 2012 09:58:05 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23449 VPN - Post by Call of Duty https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23473 thanks guys, i was looking for some VPN services as well

it looks like expressVPN is pretty good

what do you guys think of VYPRVPN (top rated on start-vpn website)? anyone using that right now?…
Sun, 29 Jan 2012 23:41:03 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23473
VPN - Post by joshwa https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23483 Be aware that all of the supposed "VPN Review" sites are based on how much money the VPN provider pays the site, either in the form of advertising dollars or affiliate fees.… Mon, 30 Jan 2012 12:13:58 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23483 VPN - Post by AlPage48 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/3238/vpn?page=2#post-23545 Wow!
Just got my second "Violation of Use" warning from Witopia in a very short time frame. Seems like the US Government is cracking down and seeding Torrent sites. I may need to switch to…
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