Recover data? Recover data? - GoKunming Forum Sat, 06 Jun 2020 04:19:41 +0800 Recover data? - Post by Kongming I accidentally recorded ubuntu ontop of my external hard drive. Is there someone along 1-2-1 street who can recover my data? There used to be a shop next to Minzu U. but I don't know… Mon, 02 Apr 2018 18:14:02 +0800 Recover data? - Post by ricsnap Yeah, I'd also need someone to professionally recover data from a dropped external HD with faulty hardware.
Kongming, if your external HD is Seagate, try their sftwr Seatools.…
Mon, 02 Apr 2018 21:55:13 +0800
Recover data? - Post by liuer2 download the Ricuva software from the same guys as CCleaner and you can see what you can recover.… Mon, 02 Apr 2018 23:39:04 +0800