Looking for a dj school in kunming https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming Looking for a dj school in kunming - GoKunming Forum Sat, 06 Jun 2020 06:00:21 +0800 Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by iPuhov https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77900 Hi, I'm looking for a DJ school in Kunming, I'm male and can speak a little on Chinese. Please answer on this thread or add me in WeChat:… Sat, 17 Oct 2015 16:24:44 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77900 Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by Haali https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77901 What does DJ stand for? Disc Jockey?… Sat, 17 Oct 2015 21:54:49 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77901 Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by Alexez https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77903 do it online
Sun, 18 Oct 2015 07:38:35 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77903
Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by tigertiger - moderator https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77906 Do a search of classifieds, there is a someone who regularly sells DJ pro equipment on here. As he is constantly upgrading, I guess he is also developing his skills a lot. He may be… Sun, 18 Oct 2015 11:21:46 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77906 Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by The Help Out https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77925 ipuhov i teach djing and music production here in Kunming. Iam from the UK, have a look at my website and contact using the form on my site for more info . THX

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Looking for a dj school in kunming - Post by Alien https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77927 From my perspective of total ignorance I think djdsk is the best you can do here - I judge from having heard him dj, but certainly not from any ability or knowledge of my own.… Mon, 19 Oct 2015 12:42:35 +0800 https://www.gokunming.com/en/forums/thread/12514/looking-for-a-dj-school-in-kunming#post-77927