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extending student visa

Serrure (132 posts) • 0

My residence permit (student visa) expires 30th July, but I will continue to study in Kunming and will be able to apply for a new student visa. As the old visa expires on 30th July and the new one will start from 25th August what can I do to not be forced to go back to my country for 25 days? Is there any way to extend student's residence permit for the duration of summer holidays? Let's just say that trip home is really expensive and I prefer to spend summer in Yunnan.

Daithi (426 posts) • 0

Can ur school not sort this out for u? Normally schools are excellent for fixing this problem...cos naturally they want ur custom. I would certainly approach my school if I was in ur position.

Liumingke1234 (3293 posts) • 0

@Daithi You raised a very good point. I would think that the school wanting your money, would do everything they can to get you whatever visa you need.

Carlton (12 posts) • 0

More than easy. Get register for the new semester before the visa ends. They will accept early enrollment and they will handle your visa issue. If your visa is going to be over by the end of July it means you are under scholarship now and you have to apply for the self support program earlier so they can handle new documents for you.

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