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Must register new passport within 10 days

JCMKM (14 posts) • 0

Just a quick update - you now need to register your new passport at the Entry-Exit Bureau on Tuodong Lu by the Stadium. The time limit is 10 days from when you get the passport OR when you enter China for the first time on the new passport. It doesn't matter how much validity you have left on your visa. In the Chinese manner, the official has discretion as to when to start the clock so err on the side of caution and get down there with your new passport to register your new passport number.
If you don't, you will have to go to the police department, have a interview, receive a warning and a fine.
Many schools,universities, local police stations etc are unaware of th regulation so don't expect them to inform you.
Anyone encountered this problem?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

As far as I am aware this was the case when I renewed my passport both last year and 10 years before.

As your visa/RP will be glued into the old, now invalid, document it make sense that you need a new visa/RP placed in the new, valid, passport.

Yuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

The Police have a quota of foreigner fines to make. We had the same situation for not applying for the new born child's Residence Permit of one of our foreign managers within 2 months (Despite not being able to get the new passport in that time).

These are not new rules they just hadn't enforced them before.

Another 'old' rule is you must re-register on your return with your local PSB station each time you leave Kunming city (I don't know if this will be enforced, but some other cities are very strict about it)

When we were paying the fine for not registering the kid in time the PanLong Area Police Station told us they hadn't met their "Foreigner Fine" quota and were working with the Visa Office to meet their quota.

JCMKM (14 posts) • 0

Always been the regulation - never been enforced prior to this year (as told to me by the policeman who fined me).

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0


So, if I read this correctly, if I fly up to Chengdu for the weekend, I have to re-register at the local police station when I come back? That sounds like a make work project for them. It makes a little bit of sense if I left the country for the weekend, but still only a little.

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

I forgot to register my new visa at the psb and I finally got around to it 7 months later, and I didn't get any fines or questions...

Yuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

Hi Liumingke1234 when I was living in Tianjin the local PSB wanted me to re-register (by phone) even if I went to Beijing for a night. Its very likely that Kunming PSB will never get to the level (paranoia?)of bigger cities but its something to keep an eye out for, especially now that the Kunming PSB are under pressure for their handling of the train station incident.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

I do not understand what register New passport means. Are we talking about passport or Registration at police station with rental contract. Can someone please clarify.

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