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Plane tickets?

ConnecticutDave (11 posts) • 0

Hey guys,

In your experience, when is the best time to buy an international plane ticket? I need to go back to New York in mid-June, and I'll be flying out of Shanghai. I've heard that 60-80 days out is the best, but what do you guys think? Thanks

debaser (635 posts) • 0

i think about 90 days/3 months is the best time to start looking for good deals. i book as far in advance as possible if the dates are fixed.

Mister H (14 posts) • 0


I just read in a newspaper that 2 months is the best time to buy...

Then again, Iv'e also heard that ordering during the night is best, because of the low activity on the airlines web pages. There are also a lot of other things that people claim are good ways of ordering tickets.

In the article I read, they said research showed that most of these things were just BS.

The golden rule seems to not do it during a specific holiday (if possible), order early and to fly in a week day.

Best of luck to you...

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

I don't think anyone has figured out the "best time" to buy airline tickets at the lowest fares because there are too many unknown factors that affect the pricing that make the fares impossible to predict.

I would try to save money by checking different dates and routes (depending on your flexibility of course) on sites like travelocity.

Checking alternate routes and dates may save you hundreds of dollars and is probably more important IMO than the actual "time" you buy the tickets.

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