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Ruili Airlines

Geogramatt (194 posts) • 0

Anyone else think its a little strange that there's a new airline startup called Ruili Airlines, yet Ruili doesn't even have an airport? (the nearest one, which this airline will presumably use as its hub, is in fact in Mangshi, 100 km away)

RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

I think it is even more interesting there is a company called "American Camel", which is not to be confused, albeit very easily (cough, cough), with the Camel brand in America.

But back to the Ruili Airlines, the town is too small to have its own airport, especially wiht the Mangshi airport only 100km away (which btw on the current one lane mountain road takes two hours!), when the highways gets to Ruili, then it will be only 1 hour away, not too unreasonable of a drive to airport by Western standards.

It could actual be a good thing (knock on wood), seeing how the current monopoly enjoyed by China Eastern sometimes having people pay more going from KM to Mangshi then say going to Thailand. More competition hopefully means better prices.

Mark0625 (15 posts) • 0

In my travels, Baoshan (which has an airport) seemed to be the big commercial hub in the area followed be Dehong. However, Ruilin seemed a lot more 'happening' as a busy border town so maybe the name is associated with that? Apparently there was tons of gambling and 'other activities' going on openly until a cleanup a few years ago. When I went last summer it was very mellow and laid back.

Ocean (1164 posts) • 0

It's owned by Yunnan Jingcheng Group who have their headquarters in Ruili. Hence, presumably, the name. Two airplanes so far, one on order. Early days...

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