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Philou (208 posts) • 0

yeah, seems like it is. thx!
海埂大堤... a search for 海埂 (haigeng) on Google map will take you around dianchi's lake... strange though.

kabataika (1 post) • 0

The haigeng park is located by dianchi lake.
I have not been to there and will go this weekend.
so i can answer you then.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

"haigeng dam" and haigeng park are not quite the same thing. haigeng park is fairly pleasant though; entry is something like 4 kuai. if it's seagulls you're seeking, it's far more convenient to see them in green lake park (cuihu gongyuan). there's been a story about it on GoKunming before:[...] the birds stay pretty much all winter.

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