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Why are you in Kunming/Yunnan?

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

It's a mixture of both culture and civilization and both are changing fast. Not always for the better.

jopasny (181 posts) • 0

Civilisation is a form society that doesn't really change, unless you go back to another form of society, like hunter gatherer, pastoral or a chiefdom, which is unlikely.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Tell me of a form of society that doesn't, or hasn't, changed - China, medieval Istanbul, ancient Rome, modern France - these places never changed nor are changing??

Geezer (1932 posts) • 0

Seems to me that the words 'civilization' and 'culture' are somewhat ambiguous in the sense they have different definitions and meanings. For example, on CCTV-9, contemporary Chinese music is, at times, referred to as a cultural element. At a dinner theater in Kunming there was a performance of clog dancing and I was assured that this type of dance was an ancient Chinese dance form.

Civilization is also defined in different ways. An excellent essay on the 5,000 year Chinese civilization can be found here:


The first chapter of the book "Stumbling Giant" is a brief, the recent 1,000 year, history of China which touches on both cultural and civilization issues.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

I'm here in Kunming because I can be an utter anus and blend in smoothly...

Jasmine JJJasmine JJ (10 posts) • 0

im going to kunming to visit home in 2 weeks! i wanna go to kunming to find out about laws and how many percent it is to legalise herbs like in urayguay. im doing a travel living kinda write up on students and their vices compared to more open countries. i am a freedom loving child myself bu i admire n respect soem aspects of restrictiions china has set. n how everyoen can still be so graceful about it and live happily. do advice if you are free to meet up for coffee over some live music at a good bar =]

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