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Asahi beer and countertop ovens!

redmoon (41 posts) • 0

I'm looking for Asahi beer, to buy and take away. I know a few restaurants in town that sell it but can't find it at any of the obvious places, i.e. Wal-mart, Carrefour, Metro or Wangfujing. Let me know if you've seen it somewhere. Thanks.
And this is presumably addressed to the ladies although you cooking type guys might know too. I've been looking at countertop ovens. You know, Changdi, Tomato and Galanz all make them. The Galanz looks the better of the three but I'd like to have some first hand opinions. One thing that bothers me about these ovens is it seems like the door doesn't fit very snug so I wonder how efficient they are. Can they really get the temperature up to 350-375 degrees F and maintain it?
Thanks in advance for your responses.

dr. chibbles (36 posts) • 0

The last time I was at Mu Yu they sold Asahi in big bottles. Maybe you can check with them about a distributor:


As for ovens, I've had a Changdi oven for three years and it works very well. 350-375F is no problem but 400-450 is sometimes a stretch, especially in winter. To keep the temperature up i often cover the glass door with aluminum foil, which tends to do the trick.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

wouldn't mind some Asahi... let me know if you find it. the bottles of Kirin from Metro are good or there are a few shops around that sell Beer Lao by the case.

as for ovens I got a Midea from Taobao and it's great. looked at the ones in Metro and there was no competition, especially for the money. i was a bit worried about the fit of the door when i got it and i haven't really noticed how much power it uses but it cooks well enough! the only slight issue is the lack of light inside.

@Redmoon - by the way, your email address linked to your GoKM account isn't working. I tried to reply to your classified ad on this topic but 'delivery failed'.

redmoon (41 posts) • 0

@dr.chibbles & @debaser; thanks for your responses. I'm a little more confident in the ovens now.
As to the Asahi beer, what and where is Mu Yu, a bar or restaurant?

debaser; I know about the email address. Thank you.
When Apple went to the cloud they changed the @mac.com to me.com or iCloud.com. So I can be reached at either of those, i.e. "redmoon43@me.com".

NingSi (61 posts) • 0

I was recently oven-hunting as well. I was warned by three other families who all bought the Tomato brand that the oven door started to fall off / unhinge.

xb6asd (170 posts) • 0

You can order cases of Asahi on taobao, order cans from a reputable seller. The bottles are usually fakes, but cans are trustable.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

I saw a different/new counter top oven in Metro today. Not tomato but forget the brand. The top of the range one had a double glass door. That will heat better and be safer.
I think it was over 900.

Shyam (244 posts) • 0

Hey redmoon, I just joined Taobao today and saw something really interesting that might fill the bill for your oven desires. I actually know about this product from home. They sold these things on TV back home and they really seem to work. Its like no oven you've ever seen.

Imagine cross-breeding a small heat lamp, a really powerful hair dryer, and a huge glass trifle dish.


These things are really amazing...at least if you believe the program-length commercials. They are actually compact, countertop convection oven with a browning element. Relatively easy to wash and store. Supposedly, you can bake cakes in them. Very cheap, too. (I'm considering buying one, myself.)

There's probably some video on YouTube.

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