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Blonde hair dye

Keira (1 post) • 0

Where can I buy hair bleach in Kunming? I've been to some cosmetic shops and checked out carrefour on nanpingjie, but all I can find are various brown/black dyes.

soluszyn (4 posts) • 0

Exactly, where? I checked Walmart and there's nothing as well... I only saw some 金黄色染发剂 in taobao...

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

Do Asian hair types bleach differently? I think that they might. If so, and if you don't have Asian hair type, be careful.
It is rare to see a Ch person with bleached hair, although in Japan it is more common.

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

Hair color like Nice'n Easy or Color Silk might be in an expats brought from home supply. Got a couple blonde shades. You might advertise on GOKM classifieds for some or look at those who are selling out to leave Kunming and call them.

soluszyn (4 posts) • 0

Hey, I have two blonde hair dyes to sell, Diamond Blonde and Light Beige Blonde, Schwarzkopf Palette, Intensive Oil Caring Color, Lightens hair by 2 to 4 shades, I bought them in Bangkok, price is, let's say 70 kuai each, we can discuss the price ;)
Write to me if you are interested, I will send you the pictures :)

soluszyn (4 posts) • 0

sure, here is my e-mail, please send a message to me so that I can show you the pictures

Serrure (132 posts) • 0

I have a hair bleach from Europe, Poland. I wanted to bleach my hair, but then I changed my mind and gone for dark brown instead. I'll sell for 70 kuai.

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