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Trivia/Pub Quiz is back at Muyu

jgold (20 posts) • 0

Trivia is back!

It should be pretty much the same as it was at Chapter One (8pm every other Thursday, teams of 5), but now it is at muyu where they will still be giving out beer to the winners and there will be a speaker system to make the questions easier to hear.

Does anyone have any feedback on trivia night? any ideas on how to make it better?

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

Thanks for everyone coming last night, that was a lot of fun - I believe Muyu was also happy with the amount of people that turned up on such a cold and rainy day!

Since the whole place was packed, we'd like to ask to come exactly at 8 pm if you want to participate. It makes it easier to arrange seating for everyone without disturbing the progress of the quiz, and you can avoid your teams getting too big.

Thanks again and see you in two weeks!

Merzei (101 posts) • 0

Is there any chance it could be a day - any other day - than Thursday?

Since the last quiz at Chapter One I'm working the bloody night shift on Thursdays and I used to love the pub quiz

You never know unless you ask...

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

Muyu is hiding just before the downhill starts on Wenlin Jie, on the northern side. Enter the gate, and cross the parking lot in northwestern direction. That's where Muyu is. It should be in the listings. (木鱼 www.gokunming.com/en/listings/item/32956/mu_yu_studio)

As this is a community run event, changing the date is possible. But of course it would take the next organiser to change the date and ensuring that the room is booked, GoKunming is informed and enough people show up.

Adrian (14 posts) • 0

This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 10th we will continue pub quiz night at Muyu! 5 person teams or less. Seating is limited and two weeks ago it was full, so we recommend participants arrive earlier than 8pm.

Special prize from us to the group with the best team name. Good luck!

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