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Where to buy a watch

blobbles (957 posts) • 0

They are still considered luxury items in China hence the prestige price tags... I would buy one on taobao, why are you opposed to this tiger?

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Mobile phone clock not suitable for the purpose. No mobiles allowed in the environment.

I want to use taobao for many things. But at the moment it is a problem. I have had three family members attempt to set up taobao for me. All of them did not complete the task, for various reasons. It is now difficult for me to set up an account, as different bits of my personal details are 'already in use'. When my family get back from BJ in a few months they can sort out the mess they left. In the mean time I need a watch.

PS. I would not trust anyone else with my personal details to sort this out. TIC.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Do you know where there is a watch shop that sells genuine branded watches at realistic prices? Not the usual crap domestic watches, worth 10 bucks, that are sold for elevated prices, to cover the silly rents they pay in shopping malls.

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