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Where can I buy a second hand Apple Itouch in Kunming?

Paul Carr (14 posts) • 0

Hi Folks,

I went to an excellent second hand computer market in Kunming yesterday on Yi Er Yi road opposite Yuantong north road, just north of the zoo. My thanks to gokunming and contributors for giving me his information. I bought a mini laptop in reasonable condition for just 650 RMB. However, I was unable to find a place that sells second hand Apple itouches. Does anyone know a place in Kunming where I can find them to buy?

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Hi, do you know exactly where the place is? I'm looking for something like this. Do you mean the Yuan Xi electonic market next to the Bank of China?

Paul Carr (14 posts) • 0

Turn right after you reach Yi Er Yi road from Yuantong North Road. Don't cross the road. You'll find a row of second hand computer shops. Actually, I didn't check out Yuan Xi electronic market, off Yuantong North road. I think I'll go today and explore that area. Perhaps, I can find a second hand apple itouch there?

Another piece of equipment I need is a battery to recharge a computer. I can find many places that sell batteries to recharge small devices such as Apple IPhones but none to recharge a computer.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

I haven't bought much electronics in kunming, but i think shopping on amazon might be the best way to go (especially for accessories) because you can quickly find just about anything in a matter of minutes rather than having to run around to 100 different shops.

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