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Krav maga in Kunming

rryanreid (11 posts) • 0

chicha78 don't know where you checked out the Judo /Jiujitsu club in Kunming, as there is only one of each and we meet in the same place.

And we don't have kids there.
The Judo coach is a former Olympian, and the JiuJitsu Professor is a Black belt from Brazil.

fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Hi everyone

I'm also looking for Krav maga in Kunming,read there's kind of at Ring king,but haven't had time to go there yet.If you have more informations,I'll be grateful.My wechat: Fabskwarn


Chris_ (1 post) • +2

Hi! I just stumbled across a place:

It’s a small Krav Maga (imi federation) studio on the 4th floor, building B of that shopping mall. The name is: Krav Maga International Education Center.

I didn’t make any personal experience there, though.

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