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danielgrenz (32 posts) • 0

O'Reilly's can record and play any of the games (they aren't open when the games are live). I'd also be interested in watching them if you figure it out.

hasenmanhasenman (48 posts) • 0

Definitely need a bar with good screens/projection to watch at least one of these games. The owner of Muyu cafe on wenlinjie is pretty cool, has a screen and has opened early before..and has breakfast! I'll try to stop by and ask if he'll be interested in hosting the finals..will let you guys know if he's ok with it. If anyone has any other info, please share..

danielgrenz (32 posts) • 0

@hasenman, what did you find out about Muyu cafe showing the game? Are you able to watch the game with that link you provided? I checked it out but couldn't get the game to play?

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