Historical + Cultural Sites in Kunming

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1. Qiong Zhu Si- 筇竹寺 - Bamboo Temple
2. Tai He Gong - 太和宫金殿 - Golden Temple
3. Grave of Nie Er - 聂耳墓 - Dragon Gate
4. Stone Sutra Pillar - 地藏寺经幢 - Kunming Museum
5. Zhen Qing Guan – 真庆观古建筑群 – Tuo Dong Road
6. Military Academy – 云南陆军讲武堂 - Green Lake
7. War Memorial - 抗战胜利纪念堂 - Kunming Old Street
8. Hui Guang + Chang le - 惠光寺塔和常乐寺塔 - East + West Pagoda
9. Yunnan Normal Univ - 云南师范大学 - 121 Street
10. Jin Gang Pagoda - 妙湛寺金刚塔 - Guandu Old Town
11. Stone Dragon Dam - 石龙坝水电站 - Anning - Kunming
12. Cao xi Temple - 曹溪寺 - Anning – Kunming
13. Confucian Temple - 安宁文庙 - Anning – Kunming
14. Wang Ren Qiu Stele - 王仁求碑 - Anning – Kunming
15. Shizhaishan Old Tombs - 石寨山古墓群 - Jinning – Kunming
16. Grave Stele of Ma Hazhi - 马哈只墓碑 - Jinning – Kunming


For a complete list of all the Historical + Cultural Sites of Yunnan see the link provided.

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Thanks much for the list. Lived here so long and STILL haven't managed to hit a single site on your list (although a car would probably help)...

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I have visited all these sites by bus only. No need for a car in a country with such a good public transportation system. With the exception of the sites in Jinning and Anning they are all relatively close and can be visited in a one day trip.

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43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China
Italy is home to the greatest number of World Heritage Sites with 48 sites, followed by Spain (44) and China (43). Yunnan is home to 4 UNESCO sites.

1. Lijiang Old Town - Lijiang
2. South China Karst – Stone Forest - Kunming
3. 3 Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas
4. Chengjiang Fossil Site - Chengjiang County – Yuxi

For more information visit this website -


I recently visited the Chengjiang Fossil Site in Yuxi and there is no public transportation to this location. If you want to visit this site you must hire a tuk tuk or car and they ask for 100 Yuan round Trip. The Fossil Site is located 10 km from the Chengjiang bus station on top of Mount Mao Tian.

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The site is Not posted and it is at the top of a mountain. I am always trying to find ways to get to places without the assistance of others but this site is not easy to find. Only 10 km from the bus station. I can tell you exactly how to get there but you will still have to walk 4 km to get to the top of the mountain if you dont have a car.

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Have car, looking for signposts. It may be that the locals have taken the signs down.
I am not planning to go, imminently, but like to have options in mind.

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From the Cheng Jiang Bus Station make your way to You Sou Zhen Town (右所镇) which is exactly at the 4 Km marker of Da Xiao Lu (大肖路). Go to the end of the village which is at the foot of Mao Tian Mountain and there you will find a big gate which is the entrance to the Eco Park. Continue on the uphill road - Da Po Tou Lu (大坡头路) for 4 Km until you reach the gate that reads Cheng Jiang Fauna. If you need some pics to use as landmarks just let me know when you are ready to go. Enjoy.

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I forgot to mention. Something I found very peculiar were the pyramids with a capstone located inside the park. There were at least 4 that I recall. I found them to be out of place since all the other signs used to display fossils were made concrete and resembled stones. Like the trash cans that are made of concrete and resemble a tree trunk. These seemed very appropriate to me because this is a fossil site but the pyramids had no business being in this park. I wonder how many more pyramids can be found in other UNESCO sites? I will look for some pyramids the next time I go to Lijiang which is another UNESCO site.

The title of this article also seems a bit disturbing.

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