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Wedding decorations

samir (5 posts) • 0

My mother is a wedding planner and is looking for all sorts of wedding decorations in Kunming. From flowers, fake flowers, glass vases, crystals to battery operated candles and covers for tabletops. Seeing as this forum has been so helpful in answering my own questions :) i thought I would ask on her behalf too. She is looking specifically for wholesale places where she can buy things cheap. She will only use these decorations commercially for other people's weddings so is looking for things that looks good but are not expensive.

OceanOcean (1170 posts) • 0

We got a lot of cool-looking (and cheap) vases for our wedding from the Bird and Flower market. Cheaper than renting them.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Look for the wholesale flower markets - identifiable by the heavy traffic before sunrise, lots of flower stalls. If you need an address, just post a reply HERE and I'll go look up one of the places on the east side of Kunming. As Kunming's only about 5km in diameter within the second ring road (er huan lu) - this shouldn't be difficult to find...but you'll need to provide your own transportation/logistics (aka boa che) if you're doing weddings.

Luo si wan. Not sure if they have flowers - haven't been as it's a major pain to get there from the inner city.

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False alarm. @tigertiger hasn't returned yet. But somebody inform him Peter99 has been banished, as per his recommendation. Litter box has been shaken up.

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is there anyone more annoying on this forum than tiger's groupies? 11 posts. contributes nothing. has nothing to say. can't wait until his cult leader comes back. i need a barf bag.

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