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Guandu Ba Ba - great for Breakfast

English Tutour (123 posts) • 0

Good information, that I got it from another foreigner and I'm passing it on:

I have recently found a lovely bread for breakfast called Guandu Ba Ba. It's made in my area and there's a hugely popular shop that sells these delicious breads, mostly stuffed inside. I like the plain ones.

It's a big round of bread about 10-12 inches in diameter, and about 1 inch thick. I buy a round, cut it into quarters and store in the fridge or freezer. One quarter is good for me for breakfast. I cut the quarter in half through the middle and toast each slice. Add butter, jam, peanut butter, Nutella, or a slice of cheese. Or make a slice into pizza, add sauce, toppings and grated mozzarella cheese, then bake it in the oven.

I don't know if it's available in town but in my area I know of two places that sell it, one in the back of Guandu Ancient Town and another in my local vegetable market on Xing Yao Lu.

AlexKMG (2362 posts) • 0

The baba away from Guandu in the rest of Kunming is pretty bad. For a real treat, try the baba in Dali.

Elisa (174 posts) • 0

In Shangrila we could get yellow or brown buckwheat baba instead of wheat if we wanted. I hope this is available in guandu too. It's great with Nutella.

So is a spoon.

English Tutour (123 posts) • 0

I have never seen buckwheat baba in Kunming but I am quite sure it's available. I had it in Lugu Lake, served for breakfast.

Alex2014 (51 posts) • 0

one of my American friend called it Kunming Pizza. Occasionally, There is a man who sells this kind of Kunming breads in a food mareket around Xinghua Street. He sells a kind of that bread with sweet bean jam stuffed. I like that too.

English Tutour (123 posts) • 0

I often make pizza with my friends' children. I cut the plain bread baba in half through the middle, add toppings and mozzarella cheese and bake it in a hot over for 10-15 minutes. The toppings can be sweet such as fruits cut up very small, then the cheese on top. Or they can be savoury with tomato sauce, ham, onion, bacon, tomato, peppers, and cheese. Either way the kids love it.

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