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where to buy quality beers in KM

okbears (11 posts) • 0

I'm looking for a place to buy good dark beers in KM. Does anyone know of a liquor store or other place selling good beers near Wenlin jie?

Vinny (6 posts) • 0

Paul's shop is always a good start for beers, they have a variety of imported beers. My standard everyday dark beer is the Dark Laos beer which is good enough.

There is also an imported goods shop opposite Teresa's Pizza, they have a few imported beers.

Dune, on Wenlin Jie is basically an imported beer bar and has a solid selection, although not cheap.

Most Carrefour also have a few German and British (e.g. Old Speckled Hen) beers. Or if you want to go a little further you could go to the old favourite Metro, although it's actually a rather expensive shop.

Hope this helps.

okbears (11 posts) • 0

Thanks Vinny for the tips. I'll take a look at Paul's and stop by Dune to see what their selection is. I'd love to find some good American craft beers but that my be asking a bit much.

I had a look and you can also find a decent selection of imported beers on Tao Bao, but of course shipping could be an issue. I found Trappistes Rochefort 6, which one of the reviews of Dune mentioned them having.

Darryl (31 posts) • 0

Humdinger and Moondog both have craft beer on tap. SMWC Hops has the biggest bottle selection, while Brooklyn has a small but excellent selection.

scally (127 posts) • 0

I know you are probably looking for store-bought beer and not retail bar prices, but Brooklyn Pizzeria has perhaps the best selection of micro-brews in town right now.

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