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looking to buy a ebike that can go 50km/charge

Call of Duty (38 posts) • 0

hey guys,

i am looking to buy an ebike new or used to get around kunming, do a bit more exploring around the city.

i want it to be able to handle a round trip from the south (dianchi area) to the north (metro supermarket) on a single charge, so im looking at maybe 30kms in total? pls correct me if i am wrong.

how much would an new ebike like this cost, how about used? how much more would I need to invest for it to be relatively theftproof. what about registrations?

ive seen posts on chinese craigslist (58, ganji) that have ebikes for sale around 1000kuai that goes 60-80km per charge. if i were to purchase one of these, what aspects should i look into? documentations?

thanks for any input.


RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

I bought a second hand ebike off 58 before and overpaid. I believe in order to go the distance, you need one with bigger batteries:

See this link to Taobao for 60v bikes:

which the ad boasts can go up to 70km. I never had one so I don't know for sure, maybe someone with an ebike with a huge battery can share?

As for the price, they are about 4000 kuai for the 60v. 1000 sounds rather cheap, I'd be careful, it could be stolen or has something wrong with it. My 2 cents.


hongxiongmao (42 posts) • 0

I recently bought a new scooter with a big battery (it actually has two under the "hood") 72v,and the seller claimed it could run 80km on a single charge,though it is deemed possible,it's probably not the case for me.I use it on big roads such as Guang fu rd,or Dianchi lu and pretty much always maintain top speed which drains the battery faster,so it's hard to just say how far a single charge could take you.I would say it can do about 60km maintaining top speed,being brand new (it goes up to 64km/h and a good 70 when there are some nice slopes going down).

It's hard to say how far a second hand could take you,but 1000 rmb sounds way too cheap.The scooter I bought was 3700rmb.
As for the registration,I asked a few cops plus the sellers who all said I just need the fapiao and to show them my passport or a copy of it if get pulled by cops;this goes only for the new scooters though.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

You can have a big battery of lower voltage can give better range.

Multiple batteries, and keep the V the same for range.
Multiple batteries, to give higher V, better speed, but not same range.

Bigger wheels, better range.

China post type bikes, ugly type with long square battery down the front frame tube, with identical second battery down rear of frame. Should give 60km.

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