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Mandarin slang question

flengs (108 posts) • 0


I've been looking for the equivilent of the slang English structure:

Sth. + my ass

For example when someone quotes a totally unreasonable price you'd say: "a 100 dollars my ass!" or when a bus driver tells you he's gonna be late for safety reasons and then parks in the middle of the highway for 30 minutes to load cargo on the bus you'd say: "safety my ass!"

As you might have noticed I'm pretty eager to learn how to say this as it is pretty relevant in many situations of life in Yunnan.

I've been holding back to say "100块我的屁股!" or "安全我的屁股"because I'm not sure this literal translation is valid enough in meaning.

Anyone who can fill me in on this?

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

I asked me Chinese gal-fiend for you flengs, she said "we don't have that, we just say tai gui le (太贵了)". I guess its only us lao wai that get the incredibly excessive prices, we have to make up our own slang!

Maybe "Aiyooo, wai guo ren jia ge! (外国人价格)" would be the thing to embarrass them a little?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

There are two solutions indicating various degrees of displeasure with a ludicrous price.

Show ZERO emotion and walk away - utterly and completely ignore the sales person/owner. Nothing irks rude human beings, frauds, and thieves more than being ignored as non-existent. Pretend that person doesn't exist and ignore them as you stroll out the store - don't look back - they don't exist. And yes - I'm comparing most kunming store owners - who are really just trying to make a living - to petty thieves. Really - just taobao it.

If you're really offended and just can resist vomiting vitreole - the classic responses to ludicrous comments, listed below in debatably increasing order of offense:

1. pi (fart breath)
2. gou pi (dog fart breath)
3. fei hua (male bovine manure)

Bearing in mind that barking dogs take great delight in eliciting a reaction...SOLUTION 2 is equivalent to snarling back at a barking dog - it's comical - but seriously - having an animated conversation with a barking dog?

sean1sean1 (80 posts) • 0

yeah, similar to laotao, but there are a few options

just say


安全你妹 anquan nimei

公平你大爷 gongping nidaye

there are more, but start with the Meehhh meehhh and drop these and they are both humorous and offensive.

flengs (108 posts) • 0

Great, guys, thanks!

I was pretty much aware of all the options suggested, except for those few by Sean, thanks for understanding my need to be both humerous and offensive at the same time!


RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

I see Sean1's response are Yunan hua. Another generic Putonghua/Northern response, not too offensive but still close to your goal of expressing shock would be "开玩笑(Kai1 Wan2 Xiao4)",i.e. "you have got to be kidding me"。You know, say it while acting the opposite of being amused.


YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

I have found that unless you are really keen on a (physical) fight that mentioning relatives when swearing at people is not a good idea, especially when talking to the more educated classes like long distance bus drivers.

太贵了 is a good and direct answer.

sean1sean1 (80 posts) • 0

Yeah, you guys are right about it's impoliteness, but please remember that it was requested to translate '______ my ass!' I think it is safe to say that in the west, Using this phrase is of a similar level of impoliteness.

@RayinKM- 你大爷,and 你妹 are not yunnan dialect, but just the 么么 is...开玩笑 is a good one I didn't think about.

Anyway, A few more ways to complain about these things have crossed my mind in the last few days, so I figure I should go ahead and put em on this thread-

- qie- Is a single character used to represent somewhat strong disagreement with someones ideas or opinions. It is kinda like saying "yeah right," in English
A- 你今天难看死了

Another good one is- "你做梦!"-ni zuo meng just like in English "You're dreaming"

B- 600
A- 质量那么差,你还要六百块!!你做梦!200快都差不多吧

anyway thats it for now.... Wish I knew how to be polite in Chinese....

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