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I want to buy a house...

xavier (3 posts) • 0

I am looking to buy a house next year in KM, I am familiar with rental prices but unsure on how much a house/apartment will cost. For now, I am just looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom... could anyone tell me an approximate price on square metres?
I am not too fussy on location at this point, just trying to figure out numbers... thanks in advance everyone.

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

it is 3500-4500/m2, within the second rings. and 10000 or more /m2 near the green lake or dianchi, or nanping street

TheSwedishGuy (64 posts) • 0

Those are very hopeful numbers. It's more like 4000 up to 7000 within the second ring road. Close to Dianchi lake or Green Lake somewhere near 13000 m2 by now. Outside of the second ring road its still around 4-5000/m2. I am currently looking for an apartment myself so if I find a cheaper place (I am looking for new apartments) I will let you know :)

xavier (3 posts) • 0

thanks swedishguy, i hope you find what you're looking for... i've been asking around in other forums and through friends too so if i find any useful information, i'll post it up here ok, take care.

PerNordin (50 posts) • 0

Mitt namn är Per. Jag var i KunMing förra året och läntar tillbaka. Jag funderar på att flytta dit och det kan vara trevligt att känna någon Svensk. Hur länge har du bott där?
Jag kan nås via email nordin_per SNABEL-A yahoo.se

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