Ultimate Frisbee

Ana88 (14 posts) • 0

Frisbee every Sunday, 3:30 and Tuesday at 4:30 at Kunming Medical University on Renmin Xi Lu.

It's fun, and easy to learn, and a great way to meet new people while getting some exercise. Don't worry about throwing, as long as you've got 2 legs and at least one arm, you are qualified!

**The fields are at the back of the university, if you ask around for the "zuqiu chang" (football field), you should get directions. Its next to the basketball courts.

hasenmanhasenman (48 posts) • 0

you guys rock! haven't played ultimate in a while, but looking forward to going out there one sunday. i'm more a fan of the not so intensive, disc golf :) anyone interested in setting up a 'course' at some point? don't need the whole chain/basket hole, but set up some 'natural' holes (trees, boulders, recycled poles)...

jgold (20 posts) • 0

that info above is a little old, we now play at the tourism college. 4:30pm-ish to sundown. We play Wednesday and Sunday now

Current email: [email protected]

Google: goo.gl/maps/aS0al

Baidu: j.map.baidu.com/3G7Jk

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