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travel past Lijiang-- bus + bicycle?

Danb2 (4 posts) • 0

Hi all

I am planning a trip past Lijiang on road S225 perhaps as far as Weixi. Is there a bus that I can take a bicycle in addition to my baggage, that I can get off at any point that I wish?


AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

Most Chinese buses will let you take your bicycle for a fee. Usually 20-40rmb. As to getting off at any point, well that's usually possible; however, you should explain this ahead of time and tell them a stop before Weixi. It's tough to tell them to just stop if you see good scenery and then have to offload a bicycle too.

If you have time enough, I'd cycle all of it. It's a very pleasant and scenic route with much less truck traffic.

Danb2 (4 posts) • 0

Thanks Alex

Just to be clear, I am planning to do this trip soon. I cannot be sure I am getting the correct weather reports from my end. S225 looks like it goes over 3000M high where I want to travel. I guess it will be pretty cold this time of year... just if there is snow then the bike is, shall we say, difficult on pavement. I do not know what to expect. Thus, what clothes to bring.


AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

According to Google maps, it's S226 then turns to S225. This is probably incorrect once you start checking Chinese maps and road signs. It might have different names. But anyways, for purposes of this discussion, lets go by Google.

The S226 has very little elevation and is in a river valley. Temperatures during the day if sunny should be pleasant. The road is decent and paved except for one very short stretch of cobblestone later. Personally, this would be the much more scenic ride.

S225 portion I can't remember if it gets that high, but it does have more ups and downs and the scenery changes to more mountains and mountain valleys. The road is pretty new and smooth. I would assume since that area of Yunnan is a bit higher than Kunming which is already at 1800m, there might be stretches of 3000m. I don't recall anything breathtakingly high though going into Weixi, but I sort of zipped through this tired and driving an auto.

I think you'll get rained on probably less this time of the year, but sunset will come earlier. And at night, it will be cold of course, but not snow. If you're heading to MeiLi Snow Mtn, then I'd be worried a bit more. This November has so far been pretty mild and dry.

Also, as to the buses, there are large and small ones. The large ones can store your bike below usually for a small fee. The smaller ones probably will end up having you put your bike on top (possibly for free). If you've got lot stuff attached to the bike, the larger bus might be a better option as you get to put it down below yourself.

As to clothes, some rain gear and lighter jacket so you can layer up depending on conditions provides flexibility and warmth for riding during the day. I don't tent out, so usually that's all I need.

Oh yes, if you really want to get off where and when you like, you could always rent a driver and mianbaoche. This is an expensive option as it would probably cost 300rmb just to get you from Lijiang to Shiguzhen (first bend of yangtze), and that's not very far towards weixi.

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