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Hi, the information on this thread is a little old, so thought I would ask again. I've been sent a package from the UK (using Royal Mail). Apparently the package has been delivered in kunming. I've not see it, someone has told me I need to go to the International Post Office in Kunming. I'm getting mixed messages as to where this is now. Can someone share the current location of this place?

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use this website to hopefully get the details of the delivery person or company:
Follow the instructions on screen to get your tracking reference number format. If you get the 'not found' message then leave the page on for 30 seconds or so and more information should appear. If your package didn't have a local contact phone number printed on the outside it might prove difficult to find (or so I was told by China Post). Good luck!

debaser (615 posts) • 0

By the way, for anyone in a similar situation, China Post handle most Royal Mail parcels once they arrive in China. Couriers often hand over packages to EMS or even SF Express once they arrive on the Chinese mainland.

newlaowai (19 posts) • +1

@lemon lover, was about to head to the previous mentioned location but a friend told me about a place near Jinxing subway station. Spoke to a few people in this small China Post sorting office, they made a few calls and 40 minutes latter the package was in my hand. Maybe i lucked out this time, but if you live in the north this location is worth visiting.

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