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Lugu Lake

Philou (208 posts) • 0

It looked like to me that there are 2 of these spots: Ligen 里格 and Luoshui 洛水. Ligen is bigger now I guess...

ehauk (1 post) • 0

I just got back from Lugu a few weeks ago! It was a really, really lovely trip - gorgeous view no matter where you are!

If you're coming from the Yunnan side, (which I assume you are) Philou is correct: Luoshui 洛水村 and Lige 里格 are where most people stay at. However, I know people also like staying on Lise Island 里色岛 and I *think* Princess House Island 王妃岛. I was coming in from the Sichuan side and stayed at Wushiluo 五支洛 by the Caohai. Totally recommend it, (or Luowa 洛洼 if you want something a little more populous) if you're willing to take the boat ride!

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

I'm scouting for possible Tandem Paragliding sites therefore if we can find a place near the tourist population it's worth trying to set up..

Any of you noticed the prevailing wind direction on the surface?? ??


Hagakure (19 posts) • 0

Yes Philou is right. I used the cable car to access a cliff - not top - of Shizi Shan (Lion Mountain). It's the main mountain of Lugu Lake area and the view was awesome and match for flying sports. However I didn't notice car tracks until the top nor a way to access the top outside of trekking.

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