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Thailand life ?

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

I will be in Thailand Oct 5th,I need to stay there for 5 month .thats a long time .I dont know anything about Thailand,
do I need to bring chinese pill ?like for cold,vomit,mosquito?
2:for hiking, climbing do I need anything special there?
3:I heard the water in thailand is not good,what can I do to not get sick?
4:where can I change some money for thailand in kunming?
5:is safe in Thailand?good people there?
6:be careful with what kind of people? will rape me off ?

emergency,somebody help.!!!

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Hey beargirl...

Where in Thailand are you going? Thailands quite different depending where you are, particularly the North/Bangkok/South divide.

1. They do sell some traditional Chinese medicine, but nowhere near what you will find in China, so if that's what your after, take some with you. In general most medicine in Thailand is Western style and to a much higher standard than you will usually find in China. Virtually all Thai doctors I have talked to spoke good english as I believe they are trained to be doctors in English. As your English appears to be quite good you shouldn't have a problem. Although the same doesn't apply to pharmacy staff. Mosquito's sometimes carry tropical diseases in Thailand (dengue, malaria etc), but the best way to avoid these is to ensure you don't go out or cover up an hour either side of sunrise and sunset. Wear long pants/long sleeve shirts etc at these times. Also sleep with a mosquito net if you are in rural areas particularly. I don't recommend anti-malaria etc for Thailand as its not as high risk as some of its neighbours and they have horrible side effects.
2. Depending on where you are in Thailand, but most of Thailand is fairly tropical (except in the North). There are usually more animals in the forest in Thailand (big insects, scorpions, spiders, elephants, lots of monkeys etc) so be careful where you are. The best places usually for hiking are the national parks, but the entry fees can be expensive. My advice would be to add on to a tour group if you want to hike there first, then later go by yourself when you know the risks more and know where to go. Generally watch out for dogs in Thailand which can be aggressive and sometimes carry rabies. If you are hiking a lot, it might be a good idea to get the rabies immunisations before you go. Rabies is a fatal disease transmitted by blood and saliva from infected monkeys, dogs and some other animals. If you get bitten by a dog or monkey, get to a doctor and ensure you have the rabies injections to ensure you don't contract it (it's got a 99.999% kill rate).
3. Generally drink bottled water.
4. Not sure I can answer that question, there was a thread recently that suggested your UnionPay chinese card is usable throughout Thailand (which means you can withdraw Thai baht from ATMs in Thailand from your Chinese account, the bank will charge you to do so), but check with your bank on if that's possible and what their fees are for doing that.
5. The Thai people are much friendlier, in general, than Chinese people. They have a very different culture based mainly around buddhist principles, are much more likely to help people they don't know and are very welcoming and respectful. Public displays of emotion are very unusual as are any public displays of affection. Thai people pride themselves on being very smiley and happy on the outside, even though underneath they may be angry/upset/crazy. This very even faced attitude while nice initially can sometimes be annoying as they often never say what they mean. Many young people, especially in the North, speak or are learning Chinese and/or English, so as a young woman you shouldn't find it too hard to communicate or make friends, but learning some Thai language is a must still. In Thailand always be respectful to buddhist monks as they are a lot more genuinely buddhist than most Chinese buddhist monks (i.e. they have no possessions and have no cares about money etc, they seek enlightenment). This means never pointing your feet at buddhas in Temples, bowing and giving prayer hands to monks etc, you will see what I mean. Temples are everywhere so its hard to avoid buddhism :-). Being gay/transexual/transgender in Thailand is absolutely fine, there is no loss of face and its virtually encouraged. Lady boys are everywhere and they are generally nice open liberal minded people.
6. In general, Thailand is a very safe country, but always be careful walking late at night etc (applies to everywhere) particularly as a woman, this will also be frowned on and people may think you are a prostitute. Drugs are much more apparent in Thailand, but the penalties are just as harsh as China generally - keep away. I find I can spot dodgy looking Thai people a lot better than I can spot dodgy looking Chinese people, will be interesting to see if you find the same. You will find that Thailand is a big sex destination for bad Western men (its more apparent depending where you are), so don't be shocked when you see naughty westerners with young Thai ladies/lady boys - just a heads-up. This culture can cause a lot of alcohol/drug related crime and criminal groups so be careful around those areas.

Otherwise though, have a good time! Thailand is a beautiful country with beautiful people, great food and an awesome culture. I have never heard anyone come back from Thailand and say they didn't enjoy themselves (including a few Chinese people), so I am sure you will have a blast!

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

I think Blobbles covered it very well, so I'll just add - I think you'll have a great time there. I was there for 5 months last year. Thai people are great - very friendly and honest, and have a sense of humour. I recommend you visit Chiang Mai - the weather is beautiful, and there's loads of stuff you can do there, like hiking, rafting, playing with baby tigers, watching snake or crocodile shows, shooting guns, riding elephants, night safari, etc. And the nightlife is awesome. Also when I was there I stayed in a temple called Wat Rampoeng for a month doing meditation which was a great experience (and they don't charge you for it, but you can give a donation).

I miss Thailand.

p.s. one thing to be careful about - never talk about the Thai royal family. If you say something bad about the King they put you in prison for a long time. Also, don't smuggle drugs - that's the death penalty.

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

I will agree with everything said so far.

Water and food are much safer than in China. I ate street food every day for 6 weeks in Thailand and was never sick. Two days back in China and I was ill.
Drink bottle water, none of it will be 'fake'.

Different areas of Thailand are different. Mostly it is as well developed as China. But cleaner. Medical is a lot better, it is a world centre for health tourism.

Anti-malaria medicines, if you use, must be taken with food or you feel sick. Take then with food and you will feel fine.
Other medicines - I am sure you have your favourite OTC meds for colds, etc. Take a small supply with you is easier than looking for a pharmacy in the countryside.

For money, it is better to take USDollars which are easily exchanged to local money.
I could not use my Union Pay card in Phuket 2 years ago.

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

Also, you asked about people who might "rape you off". I guess you meant "rip you off"? Generally this isn't a problem in Thailand, most people are very honest. You have to be a bit careful in Bangkok with the tuk tuk drivers as they might try to take you somewhere you don't want to go. Also, the police are totally corrupt - don't let them catch you littering because then they'll ask you for a 2000 baht 'fine'.

atomic (156 posts) • 0

Pity they don't have the 200rmb. fine here for littering. Spitting too come to that.

I had minor dental emergency a few years back, so used my ticket back home to Sydney via Bangkok to stop off and get some work done at about half the price and none of the waiting. I needed Thai baht, so I simply went down to the Bank of China and exchanged some renmimbi for baht, with the black market ladies outside. Got a very good exchange rate too, better than I would have gotten changing dollars for baht in Bangkok.

Bangkok is all I have seen of Thailand and I was not impressed. Hot all the time, smells bad and I don't like Thai food.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

BOC may not be in many cities outside of Bangkok for exchange of money.

Agree the towns can smell. I think the cesspits are under the houses.

atomic (156 posts) • 0

No, I went to the BOC here in Kunming before I left and exchanged currency with the black market ladies.

AlPage48 (1252 posts) • 0

You could also get lucky and find the exchange dealers at the airport have Thai Bhat, but they were completely out of stock when I went through. Strangely enough, when I returned the exchange dealer in Chiang Mai did not have any Chinese Yuan for me to change back.

thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

oh thanks so much for helping me,appreciate it.
gee,I m not scared of things like snake,monkey or spider,scorpion etc I love them all, but mosquito!!!oh no!!!.Im such a mess now,cuz I still dont know which part of thailand Im going to,bunch of thai university teacher pick me up at airport . after one week training will send me to somewhere I dont know. I can speak thai now,language is not a pro for me.Im really worried about the diet,I cannot handle uncooked food.
the thai police really that corrupt?I m all by myself there,I dont wanna get in trouble.
I dont smoke or drink anything,no drugs hehehhe.~the only reason I go party is I love dance.any good place there in thailand?
I wanna go hiking in thailand,but I dont think solo is a good idea.
what about the ladies washroom,"special ladies""" pee pee inside there??

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