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Can pickups enter Kunming?

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Another thought.

Buy a vehicle in the city where you are based if you can. Or at least one where you will spend a lot of time. This will make servicing and repair much easier, especially if you are one of their own customers. Additionally, unless a special order, that dealership will carry more spares for the vehicle.

Perhaps you should avoid a grey import. Local dealers may not want to know if parts are not the same. Especially true for any bodywork. If they don't have a parts list for that model they may not want to know. It is hard enough to get people to take responsibility for their own job here, let alone something out of scope. Specific models can change a lot from month to month, and the model is identified by chassis number. However, Chinese dealers may not have access to chassis number data for grey imports. Any parts you buy, will be at your risk. You may also have warrantee problems.

If you want to spend a larger amount of money look at the Jeeps (made in Beijing) are cheaper, or the Landcruisers.
If you only need the larger load area occasionally, consider a trailer, I don't know the rules on these here, but I have seen cars with tow hooks.

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