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world series?

Tim Verplancke (28 posts) • 0

Hi guys,

We do show the world series, but nobody's asked for it yet so if you could let me know what games you're interested in and when they're on i'll take a look.

VinyllicO (2 posts) • 0

That's great!!!
I'm interested in watching the game tomorrow, Kunming time at 8am. It might be the last game if SF Giants win.

Tim Verplancke (28 posts) • 0

Oh, we only open at 4pm from Monday to Thrusday, Friday-Sunday 10am.
We could open early but we would need to be sure at least 10 people show up (which almost never happens that early).
I'll check tonight if the game is on the system that is able to record (we have 2 sat systems), if so i'll let you know and we can put it on again at night for you.

Tim Verplancke (28 posts) • 0

Hey guys,
Sorry just Checked and can't record. I'll try to get the record option on our second system once we have the cash :)
But for all NFL, rugby and Australian football we can record now.
Thx and sorry guys

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