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Get Me to Cambodia!

Charface (8 posts) • 0

I want to go to Cambodia for a few weeks in November - does anyone have any advice about the best ways to get there, cheapest flights, greatest ideas, blah blah blah?

Much obliged

organicone (1 post) • 0

We thought about doing it ourselves but in the end went with a tour company called Enchanting Asia www.enchanting-asia.com/. Travelled with them on a private trip and their advisors helped me work out what I wanted to do (and what I could do within my budget) and the hotels they had arranged for me were brill! Booked my flights through Expedia but my friend (who booked 24 hours before me!) got the same flight a tad cheaper at travelsupermarket....

Sundancer (38 posts) • 0

Hi there;
I have been to Cambodia many times. You can't fly directly into Phnom Penh, you have to fly to Hong Kong or Shanghai then fly in. The best way if you are on a budget is to go into Bangcock-cheap flight then catch a bus to the border-about 5 or 6 hours. I think you don't have to pay for travel through in Bangcock but the visa laws change so often it is hard to tell and depends on your nationality. Cambodia has Visa on arrival for $20 just take some little passport pictures with you. You can travel down the coast stopping along the way- I suggest Sihanoukville-Otres beach, not Serendipity or any of the others unless you want a big bar life. At Otres there is a nice bungalow motel on the beach for $15 a night. From Sihanoukville you can head down to the coast further. If you want to go to Angkor Wat then you can still fly into Bangcock and take a bus. If you book a ticket with a Chinese agent-never online-then you can get a ticket for around 3100 RMB round trip to Phnom Penh then go down to the beaches. I love it there-great people, food, hotels-nearly everyone speaks English!

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

You can fly from Kunming to Nanning, Guangxi and then to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. No need to waste time and money going to Hong Kong or Shanghai. I was there last year for Spring Festival and I am 100% certain these flights still continue because I called the travel agency today.


Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

I would recommend flying to Cambodia via Bangkok on THAI or Hong Kong on Dragonair. Better service, more flights and better food on board.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

I recommend you go to Cambodia the most direct and cheapest route. Service or food for a 2 hour flight is Not very important.

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