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Bandwidth to West Coast USA sucky for everyone, or just me?

geekrider (28 posts) • 0

I'd love to stream some video from the USA, but in the Kunming evenings, my bandwidth goes to almost nothing. Using my VPN, I can barely even surf web pages. When I turn off the VPN and run speedtest to San Francisco, it's worse than dial up modem speed!

Is it just me and my connection? Or does this happen in general in Kunming at night?

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Yep,I pretty much forget about using internet at night,even with VPN. Too many users trying to use the same pipe... even within China traffic is pretty bad at night. China needs less roads,more fibre!

joshwa (67 posts) • 0

What provider do you have? We're on China Telecom (4M), and while the speeds aren't great (or more importantly, consistent), we've been able to watch Hulu and Netflix *relatively* painlessly (i.e. still have to pause every few minutes to let the buffer catch up).

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

Depends largely where you live. Before I lived in the northwest and the internet was so-so. Near Beijingroad it's generally terrible. In the northeast I've never had problems, usually 6+ mbps(megabits)

geekrider (28 posts) • 0

I think we have China Unicom (6M, or so I am told). We live on the north side of Green Lake.

At times, I can stream content well. But 75% of the time, I can barely send email. Ugh!

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