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Furniture markets?

dr. chibbles (36 posts) • 0

I've been shopping around and visited the stores on Lianmeng Lu as well as the downtown 11 Furniture market. Any other suggestions?

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

I'd maker the trek to the 11 Furniture store on GuangFu Road. Bigger selection, free delivery and prices are not too bad. IKEA like but I think the quality is better.

Natsymir (101 posts) • 0

Zhangguangyin second hand market is the obvious choice, bus 1 (IIRC) goes there from Xuefu lu; see also GoKunming's article about the place from a few months ago.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

There are a few furniture market halls North-Eastern part of Century City close to the Carrefour on the other side of the overpass.

I think it's called ChengQiYing. You will see the billboards when you get there.
(The baoan there gave me another address for another furniture market, about 15 kuai cab ride from there but don't remember the address)

Keep in mind that depending on what you purchase there you probably have to rent one of the trucks that wait for you outside.
They have furniture in LuoSiWang as well but it's even further out.

I have to say at the ChengQiYing they are really tough to bargain with but prices are alright you can get a nice 6 seat sofa set for roughly 3000-4000 Kuai, (starting price without discount)

And it's entertaining as well I have seen some of the tackiest furniture ever made.

e.g. : A TV rack covered in LED's flashing like crazy with plastic skulls on the edges, plus of course oversized speaker systems unproportionally placed on it, big enough that only 17 inch screens will fir on it.

The designer must have been on mushrooms and most probably not a fan of the BAUHAUS dogma; 'FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION'. :D

blueice (73 posts) • 0

If you live closer to the west or don't want to trek out to the south, I would suggest Mingbo furniture market.

Map: maps.google.com/[...]

It really depends on what you're looking for, but I even had a few things custom made, and the prices are pretty decent.

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