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Where to buy a moped

12345 (83 posts) • 0

Is there a place in Kunming with a LOT of moped shops in one area, as opposed to just one or a few, so one could shop around?

tommann (424 posts) • 0

Let me know whether you want a petrol one, or an electric one, and I can tell you where to find them!

ChinaJ (2 posts) • 0

I'm looking for either a motorized scooter or a powerful electric one. tommann, if you can share your knowledge of both I would appreciate it!

tommann (424 posts) • 0

For electric ones, I would go to "scooter city", which is a series of scooter shops on Hai Geng Lu, around its intersection with Jin Bi Lu. For petrol ones, try the used market, a bit farther south on Hai Gene Lu. You can also find new petrol scooters at a motorbike market on Qian Fu Lu, near its intersection with Guang Fu Lu.

12345 (83 posts) • 0

Meant an electric one, sorry I didn't specify that.
Went to the mall. More mopeds than you can shake a stick at, though prices were thousand and thousands more than what the same mopeds go for online.
That's normal, of course; Chinese people will pay any price as long as they can put their hands on the item before they buy.
I've seen clothes with 500% markup. This country must be the easiest place in the world to make money off suckers.

laotou (1715 posts) • 0

Have you tried haggling? Bring a taobao or other internet ad, then haggle to include registration.

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