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meditation in Kunming?

zenpoet2012 (1 post) • 0

I'm looking for other people living in Kunming who are interested in Buddhist meditation. Are there any groups that are currently active? If not, maybe we can start a group that meets perhaps once a week. There is a language school downtown that has offered a space to use. I am not a Buddhist monk or "teacher," but I have about twenty years of experience with Zen meditation in America and Theravada in Thailand, and have also studied other Buddhist traditions, so I could be helpful with instruction for beginners. We could also discuss Buddhist philosophy. If you are interested, you can call Joe at 1828 8747 505.

Charface (8 posts) • 0

Hi there - sorry I'm a bit late to this discussion, but did this ever get resolved? I would very much like to try meditation again after a few years away - especially with the New Year and all, so could someone get in touch? Thank you very much.

BBBing (3 posts) • 0

I'm strongly interested in meditation. Actually I just started one week ago. Would form or join a group any time.

BBBing (3 posts) • 0

I'd like to create a group for meditation and maybe we can rent a room together. Hope to hear your opinions.

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