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Dental work?

DavidM (1 post) • 0

has anyone had any experience with having fillings done here? If it was a good experience tell me where and how much it cost please.

rlowe (25 posts) • 0

You might try Richland Hospital on Beijing Lu just past Metro Market. It's pricier than your typical dental clinic with 15 people in one room but the quality is good enough not to force you into going to Thailand to get the work done.

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • 0

There is an excellent dental hospital (confusingly called "Stomotology", or soemthing) 2 minutes walk from the Kunming City Stadium (NW of Green Lake). Some dentists are western trained and English speaking. Chinese prices (50-200RMB depending on work??)

OceanOcean (1191 posts) • 0

More details about this "Stomology" hospital are in a previous dental thread, inc contact details for their top dentist.

cosmetic dentist (2 posts) • 0

Wellcome to HuiYing dental clinic. Our dentists are western trained and speak English; we also charge Richland Hospital Dental department.

Our price for filling is from 80-400RMB.(Mercury Free)

Address: 55 Hus Shan Nan Road
Tel: 0871-3613909 0871-3614384

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