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Where to live in Kunming?

doyouknowkungfu (4 posts) • 0

I am thinking of moving to Kunming, which are nice areas to live in ? any good suggestions ? I would like to live in leafy green area which has nice

local amenities.


sean1sean1 (80 posts) • 0

Well, you've got alot of choices. It really depends on what you mean by leafy green area....

If you mean leafy green apartment complex relatively near to cafe's, bars, and city center, Yunanshangpin(云安尚品)is a good bet...or some of the older apartments right near green lake.

If you kinda wanna be away from it all, but in a relatively developed part of town...less cars, more organized roads, close to alot of parks and the lake, most of the areas going down dianchi road from Rixin road to haiging park could suit you.

Some say the north is nice, but I'd keep away from them parts....

JJ and Janice (324 posts) • 0

sean1 - - why do you say keep away from the north? We live in Bei Chen Xiao Qu (across from Metro) and really like it! Shopping is good - - Metro; WalMart;Carrefoure - - plenty of good restaurants (both Chinese and Western) - - plus big new mall and subway stop being constructed across from Fortune Center.

doyouknowkungfu (4 posts) • 0

TBH I don't know what I mean by leafy areas, I don't wish to be too much in the centre.

Whats the difference between north and south, and where is the student area of Kunming ?

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

The student area is close to Green Lake, about 2-3km from the city centre, so are most of the expat cafe bars, which grew up around Yunnan University. This is also close to green lake. This is really a concrete park area with a lake with concrete sides. Most real estate is fairly old, until you get right into the centre. Most of what you want is in walking distance.

In the North,

the area to live in is BeiChen, still urbanised but the area that JJ and Janice mention is part pedestrianized and nice. About 5km away from the centre. On a map go north on Beijing Lu. Property is relatively new. Transport is good, you are on a main bus route and the subway train is coming.

The DianChi area is cleaner and property is newer. You are also on the outskirts of town and close to a 480 sqkm lake. But you are about 10-12km out of town. Shopping is not so good as only one big store, but it is a tourist area with lots of restaurants. Unless you have a car, transport is inconvenient. Dianchi does however have the cleanest air.

The other area is Chenggong new area which is very new and has few facilities. It is also a long way from downtown. Maybe in 5-10 years it will be liveable.

未末 (2 posts) • 0

Why not come to the West side of KM. It is leafy here cause many trees here,lol.
There is a big public square where you can see all kinds of activities in the evening till night, people dancing,singing,skating,playing balls.... Also not too far from here to downtown.

sanyiseul (104 posts) • 0

I just recently moved from Beichen to Dianchi. The distance from Beichen or from Dianchi to Green Lake is almost the same.
Walmart and Carrefour are both in a reasonable bike distance.

If it comes to Chinese food, there are some really great places around Rixin Lu, much better choices than Beichen.

But the main advantage in the Dianchi area is it is green and quiet. Things I missed in Beichen.

tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

@sanyiseul just reminds me.

DianChi area is very long as it is mostly defined by a road (DianChiLu). RiXin Lu is near the top, and is about 5km from the centre. I live 6KM down the road near DianChi Satellite city, next to the lake.

Not far from RiXin Lu will be the new CBD currently under construction. But with the slow down in the real estate market, it will be some time before this area matures.

TICexpats (207 posts) • 0

the "student area" is changing, its moving to Chenggong, over the next few years the Green lake area will most likely become devoid of students. Most business that cater to students and expats will have to relocate or fold.
most expats (the teachers) will be in chenggong as that's where their free accommodation will be.
So if your just looking at now and the short term, the existing expat areas are good, if your looking long term, Chenggong is going to be where it's all at.

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