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Kunming Chinese Food

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"We went to Laos with a Chinese friend and she was so miserable. Face long and sad from having to eat all that weird Laotian food."

Unless she was facing black curdled goat blood soup or chewy water buffalo jerky, Lao food is great and in general a lot better than Kunming food. Don't know why she had to "seek out" a Sichuan restaurant, which is nice once in a while, but it would have been more interesting to eat some western, Thai or Indian food, which is prepared very well in Laos (at least in the major cities).

Good places to eat in Kunming? Most western owned bars and restaurants including Salvador's, the French Cafe and Prague Cafe. Unfortunately, the Box bar is gone but hopefully there'll be something similar that goes in it's place.

Other good places? The Hong Kong (or is it Guangdong) noodle place next to the movie theatre just around the corner from Wenlin Jie. Don't remember the name right now, but their banana custards are delicious, not to mention their noodles and chai. It's about 30 Yuan for a bowl, but it's a large bowl at that. Definately a big step up from the local noodle places and with far more atmosphere.

Yitianyuan, a chain of Muslim restaurants (one branch is located directly opposite Carrefour Longquan road) is one of the best places in Kunming to eat Chinese food with a few friends around a round table with that rotating glass thing on top where all the dishes are placed.

When I like something, I tend to eat it again and again. When I'm with a friend (or just alone) I tend to go to Salvador's, the French Cafe, Prague Cafe, the Hong Kong noodle place, the Box (until it closed although I never went there very often), A Slice of Heaven etc. With a couple of friends, I tend to go to Yitianyuan.

Mixian? Not my favorite thing...I would never eat them by myself and if it's noodles, then I tend to stick with Brothers Jiang for cross-the-bridge noodles which are actually pretty good.

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It's interesting to walk on the other side of the fence...

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I also like Dai food, but unfortunately many places in Kunming also make it really oily which is sad because if there was less oil the food would be superb. Down near Mengla I had a great meal with some friends and these locals from Jinghong we met at the national park place where you can walk along a walkway in the treetops. For some strange reason the park has a Thai name called "Pa Aranya".

Anyway, we had a superb Dai meal at this local restaurant located near Mengla on the way back from the park. Had excellent sticky rice with all sorts of fruits and nuts in it and about 15 different dishes most of which I have never had before. It wasn't oily at all, unlike Dai food in Kunming.

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The temple restaurant at Taihua temple in the Western Hills is amazing, and the one at the Bamboo temple is not bad either. I also like the food of Guozi lou on Wenhua Xiang quite a lot. Then we have expensive, fancy restaurants like Makye Ame and Shiping Huiguan, which are both very good. For good, cheap restaurants, I refer, as before, to my blog; kunmingsshabbiest.blog.se/

Some of YunDa's canteens have surprisingly good, dirt cheap food; YNNU's are extremely mediocre in comparison.

In general, though, I agree with others in this thread that the food in Kunming is somewhat lackluster compared to other chinese cities. That's why my blog came into being; me and some friends wanted to dig up the scattered good eats that actually are out there.

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