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Keats School

lemon lover (636 posts) • +3

Whoa! Three more 5 star reviews of KEATS from newbies on this forum in one day. You must give it to them they are good at rounding up support ;-)


dolphin (201 posts) • -1

Best. School. Ever. Period. 'Nuff said. This is not a fake review.

There are people paid to write fake reviews on some sites like Amazon... they use "Verified purchase" and real name accounts to give more legitimacy to some of the reviews.

Liumingke1234 (2817 posts) • +2

I wouldn't use the wording of "best school 'ever'" unless you've tried all the schools. I personally don't think the reviews are fake though some could be. You would have to be naive to think that someone wouldn't post fake reviews to help bring more clicks to their site. My experience was good. Was it the best at the time? Perhaps. If I were to go back after 10 years, I would have a different expectation of what I consider to be an excellent school. Let Keats enjoy the positive reviews. In the end the students will be the judge long after they have ended their classes.

lemon lover (636 posts) • +1

"Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture"
Seams to get on the ball now as well: Five 5-star recommendations within 2 days.
Score this period so far:

Keats 9 - Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture 5.

Liumingke1234 (2817 posts) • 0

I have a feeling This has to do with gokunming voting for the best of...
Maybe They are trying to win first place This year and has put the word out to post positive, over the top reviews. Just a hunch.

vicar (726 posts) • +4

If businesses have to resort to this type of marketing tactics, then how sad, desperate and fake.

lemon lover (636 posts) • +1

Enormous dash from "Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture".

Six 5-star reviews within one hour. KCELC now passes KEATS.
Score now:
Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture 11 – Keats 9.

lemon lover (636 posts) • +1

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture keeps on going. One more.

Score now:
Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture 12 – Keats 9.

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